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Domestic Violence Defense in Waco, TX

Family Violence Defense

One of the biggest factors in domestic violence cases is the police report. The details in the report can truly determine the direction of your case. Our team can evaluate the report to formulate, or possibly answer, important questions such as if there was a body camera recording, a 911 call recorded, how recent did the victim’s injuries appear to be, what was the emotional state of the victim, and whether there were indications in the home showing signs of struggle. These and other key questions can help the defense team determine what will be the best case for the defendant.

If you are facing domestic violence, or family violence charges, a conviction could affect your freedom, professional licenses, rights to own a firearm, right to work for governmental entities, your finances, and cause long term damage to your personal and professional aspirations. You could become subject to a protective order, restraining order, or peace bond. You need an experienced attorney at your side who will fight for your right to a fair trial, work hard to try to reduce your charges or get them dismissed, and/or reach a not-guilty verdict. At Blanchard & Thomas, we make that goal our focus and work diligently to reach a favorable outcome.

Defenses in Domestic Violence Cases

There are several options to work with when building your defense in a domestic violence case, including:

Accidental injury: This involves admitting that there is an injury, but maintaining that it happened on accident, or that you caused it unintentionally.

Self-defense: This involves proving that the victim used violence against the defendant, and that the defendant merely protected him or herself.

It was not you: Proving you didn’t do the accused crime will involve determining without doubt that you were somewhere else when it happened, securing a credible alibi, or proving the injury occurred in a manner other than by violence such as a fall or a self-inflicted event.

Insufficient evidence: Your crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt for there to be a conviction. Our experienced defense team will check for inconsistencies in reports, illegally seized evidence, or any investigative errors made by law enforcement.

Strong Defense, Trusted Lawyers

Put your defense in detail oriented, capable, and confident hands by contacting the attorneys at Blanchard & Thomas. We will examine the evidence and testimony involved with your case to build a strong defense against your domestic violence charges. Don’t trust your freedom and your livelihood to the lowest bidder, or the first person you talk to. Trust the capable, experienced, and award-winning attorneys of Blanchard & Thomas.

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