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Asset Seizure & Forfeiture Cases in Texas

Call on Blanchard & Thomas for Qualified Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges that require evidence that is believed to be in your home, law enforcement officials may take it upon themselves to seize your property that they think is connected to the charges.

Seizure of assets is confiscation by the state or federal law enforcement as a means of penalizing a perceived or alleged criminal violation. Once in the hands of law enforcement, the property may be forfeited as evidence or the product of illegal activity, and after conviction, may be used by law enforcement to serve the community and support law enforcement.

Regardless of whether the property is linked to the case or not, you have a right to defend yourself in these circumstances. Our team of seizure and forfeit attorneys at Blanchard & Thomas have the criminal defense experience and the legal knowledge required in these types of situations to represent you effectively. As your attorneys, we make it our job to stand up for you no matter how big the agency we are going up against. Let us help you make sure that the legal process is followed correctly and that you have a fair chance on your day in court.

Fight Civil Forfeiture

Seizure of property began as a way to obtain large sums of money from high level drug lords and crime bosses, but it has turned into an attack on the lower and middle classes, in an attempt to fund any number of initiatives without vetted and approved taxation. Many defendants are never convicted or have charges dismissed, yet it takes months or longer to get their property back, If they get their property back. Our goal as your attorney is to win your case and get your property back where it belongs—in your hands.

Property that we can help you keep includes, but is not limited to:

  • Land or building property such as real estate, both residential and business
  • Finances, cash, bank accounts, hidden assets
  • Vehicles, boats, RVs
  • Weapons
  • Personal property considered evidence

Stop Seizure Before it Happens with Our Help

When you are facing criminal charges and you are worried about the seizure of your hard-earned cash and personal property, you need to contact our team. You deserve fair treatment, and you need a defense team that will work to keep your property where it belongs—with you. Put your criminal defense in the capable, relentless, and confident hands of asset seizure and forfeit attorneys with Blanchard & Thomas.

Contact Blanchard & Thomas, PLLC at (866) 219-6119. Our Texas criminal defense attorneys are ready to help.

The Blanchard & Thomas "Clients' Bill of Rights"

We Want To Earn The Right To Be Your Attorneys From Now On,
Not Just For The Duration Of Your Current Legal Issue.

We Aim to Win

We play to win. While we cannot guarantee outcomes in any case, we always do our best to see that our clients come out on top. We want our clients to know without question that their success matters to us personally.

Strategic Planning

We play hard, we play fast, and we stick to the game plan. We work with every client to develop a strategy most likely to bring about their success. We work hard to ensure the strategy gives our client every advantage possible and their very best chance at success. We then implement that strategy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Honesty and Integrity

We build our relationships upon a foundation of total honesty. Absolute honesty allows the client and the attorney to develop trust that will be absolutely critical to success in and out of the courtroom.

Commitment To Communication

We make a commitment to communication. We begin and end many of our days communicating with clients. Our clients can count on us to return phone calls and/or e-mails within 24 to 48 hours except in emergencies or during announced absences from the office. We want our clients to know what we know and vice-versa. We want to ensure they can make informed decisions from start to finish.

Client Attorney Relationship

While the attorney client relationship may not always result in friendship, we believe it should always result in mutual respect. We zealously advocate on our clients’ behalf whether we agree with their choices or not. We do not judge our client’s choices; we simply attempt to help them learn from them, live with them, and overcome them.

Our Promise

We serve at the clients’ pleasure. If for any reason whatsoever the client decides he/she is better off with a different attorney or law firm, we will respectfully and professionally do whatever we can to get the new attorney or law firm up to speed and ready to handle the case. We vow to never object to a client’s request to seek alternative counsel, and we promise to return 100% of any unearned advance payments.