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Texas CPS Attorney

Blanchard & Thomas: Fighting To Protect Your Rights And Your Child

Child Protected Service cases can be complicated and difficult. Without the right attorney by your side, you are left to fight alone against an agency of the State of Texas with almost unlimited resources. Here at Blanchard and Thomas, our experienced CPS attorneys, are familiar with the system and will give you the best chance possible at a favorable outcome.

What happens when someone calls CPS to report child abuse?

CPS is required by law to investigate every reported case. CPS will interrogate you, yo ur child, your family members, and anyone else they feel necessary. They can contact your child's school or daycare. CPS can request your or your child's medical records as well. CPS has wide discretion and power under the law to gain any information they want in your case. If CPS decides that child abuse has occurred, they may remove your child from your home and place that child with any person they choose. It is important to have a capable, assertive attorney by your side to guide you through the investigative process to ensure that your rights are protected, and CPS makes the right decision.

What happens when CPS removes a child?

When CPS removes a child, the state takes temporary custody of them. CPS will have the right to decide where that child lives, make medical and educational decisions for them, whether you can visit them or not. CPS may put any rules and restrictions in place around your visits that they deem to be in the best interest of your child. There will be many court hearings regarding your parental rights. If you do not follow the rules CPS feels are necessary to provide a safe environment for your child, your parental rights may be restricted or terminated.

What if my grandchild or another child I love has been removed from their parents and placed in foster care?

The law allows a grandparent or another person with substantial past contact with the child to intervene in a CPS case. Intervening in the case will allow you to become a party. You will have the ability to participate equally in all hearings, to call witnesses, to present evidence, to attend mediation, and to advocate for the best interests of the child. CPS will often involve family members or loved ones, but not allow their voices to be heard. If you love a child in the system, we can help you protect that child and help them find permanency.

At Blanchard and Thomas, we recognize that these cases are complex and highly charged. We are here to provide experienced, dedicated representation to our clients. We will fight hard for the best outcome for you and your child.

The Blanchard & Thomas "Clients' Bill of Rights"

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We Aim to Win

We play to win. While we cannot guarantee outcomes in any case, we always do our best to see that our clients come out on top. We want our clients to know without question that their success matters to us personally.

Strategic Planning

We play hard, we play fast, and we stick to the game plan. We work with every client to develop a strategy most likely to bring about their success. We work hard to ensure the strategy gives our client every advantage possible and their very best chance at success. We then implement that strategy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Honesty and Integrity

We build our relationships upon a foundation of total honesty. Absolute honesty allows the client and the attorney to develop trust that will be absolutely critical to success in and out of the courtroom.

Commitment To Communication

We make a commitment to communication. We begin and end many of our days communicating with clients. Our clients can count on us to return phone calls and/or e-mails within 24 to 48 hours except in emergencies or during announced absences from the office. We want our clients to know what we know and vice-versa. We want to ensure they can make informed decisions from start to finish.

Client Attorney Relationship

While the attorney client relationship may not always result in friendship, we believe it should always result in mutual respect. We zealously advocate on our clients’ behalf whether we agree with their choices or not. We do not judge our client’s choices; we simply attempt to help them learn from them, live with them, and overcome them.

Our Promise

We serve at the clients’ pleasure. If for any reason whatsoever the client decides he/she is better off with a different attorney or law firm, we will respectfully and professionally do whatever we can to get the new attorney or law firm up to speed and ready to handle the case. We vow to never object to a client’s request to seek alternative counsel, and we promise to return 100% of any unearned advance payments.