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Texas Family Law Mediation

Providing the Guidance You Need to Amicably End Your Marriage or Modify Custody

The process of divorcing or modifying the possession and access schedule with your children is known to be an inherently combative process. Mud flies, and ex-spouses and parents wind up with their relationships harmed indefinitely. It doesn’t have to be that way. People can settle contentious disputes in a way that allows them to co-parent and work together for the betterment of their children. If you wish to dissolve your marriage or modify custody without having to endure a nasty courtroom battle, you definitely want to consider mediation. At Blanchard & Thomas, PLLC, our mediation team is skilled at guiding you through the process in a collaborative and peaceful way. Let us help you stop the hate!

Is Mediation Right for Me?

Most couples and co-parents can benefit from divorce mediation. Most times it will be ordered by the court anyway. However, if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, being dishonest, or if the marriage was abusive, mediation, at least right off the bat, might not be right for you. Candidates for mediation must be open to the idea of transparency and compromising with one another. Just like the tango, it takes two to mediate successfully.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is not only a more diplomatic process than litigation, but it is also far less time-consuming, which equates to significantly less expense.

Below are some additional advantages of mediation:

  • It incurs fewer legal fees: Since it is a less time-consuming process, mediation is also much less expensive than litigation.
  • It better for your children: If you have children, divorce mediation can help you and your spouse learn how to cooperate and communicate more effectively. Those same skills will come in handy as you in the future as you continue to raise your children. Moreover, a less hostile process will make this experience much easier for your children.
  • It is less disruptive for your life: If you try your case through the Court, you will have to work with the court’s schedule rather than your own. As a result, it may prove to be very disruptive. In addition depositions, drafting discovery requests, responding to discovery, and pre-trial hearings will slow the process and add to the inconvenience. Mediation typically requires only one day, and if successful, will result in a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) that effectively ends your case and is binding upon the court.
  • It is a private process: Litigation is a public process. Everything said and admitted will become public record, and a transcript will be made of the entire proceeding for your friends, enemies, and sadly, children, to read for years to come. Mediation, on the other hand, is completely private. Nobody will ever know what was said or presented during the mediation.

Reach Out to Our Legal Team Today!

You do not have to get involved in a contentious legal battle in a public courtroom to successfully end your marriage. Our experienced divorce lawyers have successfully navigated the treacherous waters of divorces and modifications in the privacy and equanimity of mediation hundreds of times. You can amicably achieve a settlement that works for you and salvages your ability to co-parent. The team at Blanchard & Thomas, PLLC is ready and willing to help facilitate productive negotiations between you and your spouse, so you can move forward without the emotional scarring trials often generate.

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The Blanchard & Thomas "Clients' Bill of Rights"

We Want To Earn The Right To Be Your Attorneys From Now On,
Not Just For The Duration Of Your Current Legal Issue.

We Aim to Win

We play to win. While we cannot guarantee outcomes in any case, we always do our best to see that our clients come out on top. We want our clients to know without question that their success matters to us personally.

Strategic Planning

We play hard, we play fast, and we stick to the game plan. We work with every client to develop a strategy most likely to bring about their success. We work hard to ensure the strategy gives our client every advantage possible and their very best chance at success. We then implement that strategy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Honesty and Integrity

We build our relationships upon a foundation of total honesty. Absolute honesty allows the client and the attorney to develop trust that will be absolutely critical to success in and out of the courtroom.

Commitment To Communication

We make a commitment to communication. We begin and end many of our days communicating with clients. Our clients can count on us to return phone calls and/or e-mails within 24 to 48 hours except in emergencies or during announced absences from the office. We want our clients to know what we know and vice-versa. We want to ensure they can make informed decisions from start to finish.

Client Attorney Relationship

While the attorney client relationship may not always result in friendship, we believe it should always result in mutual respect. We zealously advocate on our clients’ behalf whether we agree with their choices or not. We do not judge our client’s choices; we simply attempt to help them learn from them, live with them, and overcome them.

Our Promise

We serve at the clients’ pleasure. If for any reason whatsoever the client decides he/she is better off with a different attorney or law firm, we will respectfully and professionally do whatever we can to get the new attorney or law firm up to speed and ready to handle the case. We vow to never object to a client’s request to seek alternative counsel, and we promise to return 100% of any unearned advance payments.