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Assault Family Violence, Dating Violence, and/or Household Violence are serious offenses in Texas. The penalties are some of the most sever in our legal system and carry lifelong consequences. Penalties can range from jail time to years in prison. Don’t trust your freedom to anyone else!

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Info About Assault Family Violence

The first thing to notice about an assault family violence charge are the words in the name. One would think there would have to be actual physical violence against a family member for the State to convict you for the offense. That couldn’t be further from the truth. To qualify for assault, physical injury is NOT required. If someone in the situation felt threatened, the State may have a case for assault -family violence. Further, the person does not necessarily have to be blood family to qualify as family under the legal definition. A roommate, foster child, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-husband/ex-wife, ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend, and more are all defined under different sections of the code.

A conviction for assault family violence, dating violence, or household violence is incredibly serious. It can affect your child custody rights, your ability to be employed by government entities and some private institutions, it can result in deportation, it can cause one’s right to own a firearm to be suspended or denied, and more. All of this despite the fact that many of these cases are based on testimony alone. Call our offices today so we can fight for you before its too late.

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