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If you are facing a charge of possession of marijuana, our attorneys can help. We have handled hundreds of marijuana cases in north and central Texas and have critical experience defending clients from possession of marijuana, dangerous drug and controlled substance charges. A possession of marijuana charge in Texas can have serious repercussions for your future. Hire a local team to help with your case before its too late.

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Barrett Thomas has served as a Chief of Police and a First Assistant District Attorney. That unique background gives him perspective that few other defense attorneys can offer. He is intimately familiar with the tactics and strategies the State will use to prove its case against you, and he is therefore best suited to defend you from it. Barrett has handled literally hundreds of cases related to possession of marijuana, dangerous drugs, and other controlled substances. The penalties for possession of marijuana, dangerous drug, and/or controlled substances in Texas are stiff. Don’t trust your freedom to anyone else! Hire an attorney with the background and experience to fight back.

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